The following plugin is in very early development. Don’t hesitate to try it out. If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on GitHub.

The Swift iOS Application Plugin provides the tasks, configurations and conventions for building applications for iOS devices implemented in Swift. It provides an entry point (application), runtime (iOS) and implementation language (Swift).


Example 1. Applying the Swift iOS Application Plugin
plugins {
   id 'dev.nokee.swift-ios-application'
plugins {


Lifecycle Tasks

The Swift iOS Application Plugin attaches some of its tasks to the standard lifecycle tasks documented in the Base Plugin chapter — which the plugin applies automatically:

assemble - Task (lifecycle)

Aggregates task that assembles the debug variant of the iOS application for the iPhone simulator targeting iOS 13.2. This task is added by the Base Plugin.

check - Task (lifecycle)

Aggregates task that performs verification tasks, such as running the tests. Some plugins add their verification task to check. This task is added by the Base Plugin.

build - Task (lifecycle)

Depends on: check, assemble

Aggregate tasks that perform a full build of the project. This task is added by the Base Plugin.

clean - Delete

Deletes the build directory and everything in it, i.e. the path specified by the Project.getBuildDir() project property. This task is added by the Base Plugin.


At the moment, the plugin has the following limitations:

  • No dependencies can be configured for the iOS application.

  • Targeted iOS version is fixed to 13.2.

  • Single variant running only on the iPhone simulator.