API Documentation: NativeBinary


No properties.


No methods.

Property Details

BinaryView<Binary> binaries (read-only)

The binaries for this component.

T dependencies (read-only)

The dependencies of this component.

SetProperty<TargetMachine> targetMachines

Specifies the target machines this component should be built for. The "machines" extension property (see TargetMachineFactory) can be used to construct common operating system and architecture combinations.

For example:

targetMachines = [machines.linux.x86_64, machines.windows.x86_64]

VariantView<T> variants (read-only)

Configure the variants of this component.

Method Details

void dependencies(Action<? super T> action)

Configure the dependencies of this component.

void dependencies(Closure<Void> closure)

Configure the dependencies of this component.